Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Adorable on Etsy.

I’m in a very “adorable” mood so I thought I’d share some really cute shops to browse through on etsy.com.

I have to say I absolutely adore blythe dolls. There’s adorable and rare and customizable. I also really like to look at photos by people that own them. They are so creative and whimsical. There are some great groups on flickr.com and other sites that are just great. I don’t forget to mention the clothes that you can buy for them. Take little dear for example. I love this shop! Not only does she have great dresses for blythe dolls, she has some really cute girls herself! I also can’t forget to mention her great embroidery work. She has a fabulous doodle stitching book that I so need to get my hands on!


Art on Etsy isn’t exactly what you would find in your typical museum and that’s why I love it! Nan Lawson is a great example of the things you can discover on etsy. Her art is lively yet subdued. It’s sometime quirky and always adorable! I also like the fact that she uses words in her images as well as great characters. I can’t help but smile that she has a section in her shop called “objects that I love.” Now who wouldn’t want to click on that?


I’ve posted about this shop before but I can’t get enough of Sleepy King. My love of stuffed animals hasn’t died since I’ve “grown up” and I think I may have passed this love unto my daughter. Aurora can't go to sleep without at least five animals or “bebes” snuggled in around her. I’ve been meaning to get her one of the adorable foxes from Sleepy King. Savannah, the shops creator, is a really sweet lady herself.


Who doesn’t need a cute throw pillow? Fallon at OIive on etsy has the best and move creative pillows around! She has lovely images and bonds of creativity. From the fabrics she picks to the photos she takes, everything is too sweet for words. If you are going to head over to Olive you must check out her vintage shop as well. My Vintage Backyard also has some super cute items I’d love to get my paws on!


I, of course, had to throw in some kind of photography! Violet Bella photo is by far one of my favorite photographers on etsy. I love her use of light. Everything is so bright and cheery even if the photo seems a little on the darker side. Her images fill my heart a flutter every time I open her shops site. It’s very inspiring for an aspiring artist.

What are some of your favorite adorable etsy shops? I’d love to know!

Till then; Happy Trails!


  1. I love Etsy!!! I will shop there before anywhere. Thanks for sharing some of your favorites!

    Also, Aurora is suuuuuch a beautiful name.

  2. awww, thank you so much. the words you said were so kind and sweet. im so honored for this feature, thank you!!!!!


  3. Hey I was coming here to thank you for your oh so sweet thoughts of Jasper! and low and behold my suitcase pillow! That's a double thanks!

    Your kindness is appreciated, Jasper it doing awesome this morning! So simple.... and not So bad like that other doofus vet made it to be!