Friday, June 18, 2010

story time

Today I made a treasury on that makes me feel very poetic. It was supposed to be just a selection of things I wish that I could buy but it turned into something different, as things that I usually start tend to do. I thought it had the possibility to have a great story line so I am attempting to write a poem inspired by it… let’s see how this goes….

I had just gone for a walk on the beach
And I meet an odd creature for these parts
A little blue fox walked right up to me
He spoke to me as if it wasn’t strange for a fox to speak
“Today, I will fly!”
He spoke with great force and great ambition.
I asked him,
“Now little fox how do intend on flying?”
I let out a little chuckle,
“I don’t know,” he grinned at me “but I learned to talk, now didn’t I?”
He continued by me as if anything had just occurred
And I thought to myself
Now this will be an extraordinary day….

How here is the treasury that inspired it:

sellers from left to right:

groundwork, abigailbrown, feltandfound, thelittleprints

OIive, prettylilthings, sleepykind, dazeychic

rachelaustin, CitrusTree, lenasekine, KnockKnocking

foundling, whichgoose, emiliefriday, tuttistudio


  1. well, this treasury definitely made my day! thanks to your lovely collection, i got some front page attention and i appreciate you including me!

  2. The story is as lovely as the items you curated. I appreciate you including my pillow and getting us all on the Front page =) Thanks!