Tuesday, October 4, 2011

our {not so successful} weekend adventure.

This past weekend I really wanted to get out and go somewhere different. We really hadn’t gone anywhere exciting or down new for several months because of the baby. I figured we’d just jump in the car and go somewhere, anywhere; I was dying to go go go! Well, we went alright and it was a learning experience.

Juggling two kids isn’t all that easy. We forgot the stroller at home so when we got to the little town of Carefree, AZ we couldn’t do a whole lot of exploring. We did find a really yummy place to have lunch. It was called “Big Earls Greasy Eats.” It was kind of a 40s diner theme. The restaurant was an old gas station they converted into a burger joint. The food burgers were really pretty awesome. I was I had photos but I had left my camera and my phone in the car. Boo!

We did take a short little walk down the road after we were done eating. There was a coffee/wine place that was really awesome. The coffee was pretty good but the atmosphere was the key. I could spend a lot of time hanging out there, maybe sipping on a glass of yummy wine followed by a cup of good coffee.

Time there wasn’t really that bad it was getting home that was the biggest problem. We left Carefree at 3:30pm and didn’t get home till almost 7:00pm. To put this into perspective for you the tow of Carefree is only supposed to be an hour from where we currently live. Oops. First we had to stop for gas, then Carolina needed to eat, then Aurora wanted to go potty. We went into a grocery store but she refused to use a big potty. Finally back on the road we went the wrong way, thanks stupid GPS and ended up in stopped traffic. Carolina started crying, Aurora still had to pee and my poor husband was getting pretty frustrated with the crazy drivers. I finally hopped in the back seat with the girls. As soon as Carolina saw me she stopped crying. I guess she just wanted to know she wasn’t alone. We ended up going the entire was around the city. It was horrible! I was so excited to be home.

We defiantly learned a few things while we were on our road trip. It’s not that we are never going to go exploring again. There no way I could not go find new places, I might go crazy. I need to explore. We want to go back to Carefree. There’s a ton of shops I saw I need to stop in and it’s just a great place. I’m kicking myself for not having my camera with me.

Things we learned:

*Plan ahead at least 90%
*Always, always have the stroller.
*Pack food for Aurora because she never eats anything we buy.
*Check traffic before leaving.
*Get a wrap or something to carry Carolina in.
*Don’t leave until Aurora uses the potty whether she likes it or not.
*SLOW DOWN! Take our time and don’t rush so we can actually enjoy ourselves.

What have you learned on your adventures?

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