Friday, October 21, 2011

guest post: fall memories chapter two by jen from the cozy project

This is a very special edition to my fall memories series. Not only is it a great guest post but it's also Jen's Birthday! So stop my her blog and send her some warm wishes after you read all about her fabulously fall birthdays! Happy Birthday Jen!

I live and grew up in the Pacific Northwest and I have a fall birthday. As a child I was always jealous of the kids who got to have their birthday parties outside. Sprinklers and water balloons were never on the table for me. In fact any sort of outside activity was usually off limits. Even if we were having decent weather at the beginning of October... you never could tell what the weather was actually going to be like in five minutes, let alone tomorrow, the next day, or the end of the month. So how to plan what I wanted for a birthday party?

One of my favorite birthdays I can remember was my 7th or 8th birthday. We had a scavenger hunt for peanuts my parents had hidden all over our house. I thought it was super fun. Almost like being outside. My mom made me a Halloween themed cake! Isn't that witch the coolest? Here is a picture right before I blew out my candles:

Fall is actually one of my favorite times of year now and as an adult I am happy to have my birthday in October. Now that I am grown up and can play outside even if its raining I don't mind so much. And Halloween is a fun time of year to have a birthday party and stay inside and eat things that are warm and made from pumpkin.

Have a lovely fall and a lovely Halloween!

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