Tuesday, October 18, 2011

guest post: fall memories. chapter two by shannon*bear

Hiya With a Chance of Readers! I'm Shannon from shannon*bear and I'm loving Kat's fall feature! So when she asked me to play along I was pumped! Fall has been my favorite season since before I can remember. And that is a very long time. I feel like I wait eagerly all year long for it's arrival and once it's here every day is like a party. I love to gaze at the colors, take hikes, and go camping in it. You really can't escape the magic where I live, it just surrounds you like your favorite relative.

At my parent's house when I was growing up we would celebrate fall by sledding down the hill and into a pile of leaves. Yes, you read that right. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. My parent's house is situated below our road so our yard has a huge hill at the top before it levels out. There are several trees in our neighborhood and it seemed like all of the leaves ended up in our yard. Rather than rake them and get rid of them we decided to play in them. Each year my cousin David would come over and we would create a huge pile of leaves. Oaks, maples, locust, poplar, etc. After admiring our pile we'd hop on a round sled and go for a run down the hill and into the leaves. It looked a little something like this...

It has been a LONG time since I've enjoyed this delight but I plan to rectify that this year. Only I'll be doing it with my Mr. and David will just have to hear about it. He's out west and just got engaged! And even though we're in totally different parts of the country and in different places in our lives I know we both look back on these memories with fond hearts. Thanks for sharing this with me! I hope where you are Fall is just as magical as it was when you were a little.

xo Shannon


  1. shannon is so cute! i love these pictures. fall is one of the most beautiful seasons!

    can't wait to send you my post. i should have it done by next week!

  2. Those are such sweet fall memories. I found your blog via the lovely Shannon and love this feature. I can't wait to poke around a bit more. :)