Saturday, June 4, 2011

my first trade.

I was so excited when Ashley from after nine to five wanted to do an accessory trade from The Bartering Blogger. I love her jewelry and I've been admiring her littl "Capture the Moment" camera necklace for a long time. I was able to trade my Rainbow Flower Hair Comb for this lovely little darling.

The hair comb I sent to Ashley.

I just love this little beauty!

I put it on as soon as I got the package. I was still in my PJs but I didn't care. I've been wearing it everyday since. It's a constint reminder of how much photography means to mean. It almost doesn't seem fair that I only traded one of my hair combs for this beauty. I don't think you can image how much it means to me.

I'm so excited for Ashley, she just opened her very own Shop and is stepping out away from the world of Etsy with her original products and some new goodies as well. You really have to stop by and see what she has. It was a pleasure doing this trade with her.

Thanks again, Ashley!

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  1. Thanks so much for all of the wonderful words, miss! The hair clip is just as fabulous. Can't wait to wear it! :]