Wednesday, May 4, 2011

baby bump: 24 weeks.

All I have to say is that I’m hungry and swollen 24/7. I have suddenly become a Thanksgiving Day blimp of a pregnant woman. I have kankles and cracked dry skin and I’m not so pleased about the 90 degree weather we’re been having lately. I know I sound like a sour puss; I’m going to blame the pregnancy for that one.

Yesterday I tried to put on my favorite comfy/frumpy but still cute preggo shirt… I could barely breathe… Needless to say that sent me on a whirl wind of emotions. It’s amazing how over night my stomach can grow twice its regular size. This little girl is a giant! This led me to the idea of going shopping last night. Maybe find a few spring dresses to wear during the really hot days in Phoenix. This doesn’t seem like a terrible task, right? I guess I was wrong.

I have always hated clothes shopping. I love clothes and fashion, don’t get me wrong, I just get so frustrated at spending money on it. I didn’t even go anywhere fancy to try and find something. I figured Target and Wal-Mart would be good stops. I’m hoping I only have to wear these clothes for a few months so I didn’t want to spend a boat load of money or anything. Some people may say I’m cheap, and I am, I can admit that. Something just gets to me when I see a cute simple, yet mass produced, dress that I have to pay even $25.00 for. I know that it was probably made by some poor woman making pennies an hour, cranking out hundreds of the same silly frock over and over again.

After making a few purchases I ended up driving home, in tears, calling my husband complaining about my horrible experience. He laughed a little. I go through this same thing just about every time I go shopping. My husband calmed me down and rationalized the situation with me. He helped me come to the conclusions that if I don’t want to buy something from a store, why not just make it myself? I’ve always been happier with things I’ve made than anything I’ve bought from a store, so why should a dress be any different? So I’m challenging myself to create a summer dress. I’m going to return the clothes I bought and get myself some fabric and go at it. I’m terrified! I’m not sure my sewing skills are really up for this but what have I go to lose!

If you know of any good dress patterns or sewing tutorials please send them my way! I’m determined to make this happen. Sorry about the clothing rant, I couldn’t contain myself. Thanks for sticking it out!


  1. You're sooooooooooooooo cute!!! I love the new header also, I don't think I told you that yet.

    You are the cutest pregnant woman EVER! :)

    That's super awesome you're going to make a summer dress. I haven't been sewing much lately (I'm not any good to begin with really) but I should start again. It would be awesome to make clothes for Asia! I'll let you know if I come across anything for sure.

  2. so what did i miss something? do you know the gender yet? i know 24 weeks is about that time to know if it is a boy or girl :)

    you look amazing! my sister in law is prego too and she is feeling depressed but wearing empire waisted dresses works for her and she uses coconut cream like no bodies business! that helps a lot with dry skin!


  3. I love your new header:) & you are so cute preggo!! I feel you on hating clothes shopping! I get so down on myself everytime I go. I hate the mirrors that I can see my butt in.. I always think I look better than I do:( I think you look great though, and I can't wait to see the dress you come up with!

  4. Try Burdastyle - they have free patterns!

    You look amazing in your bump! Seriously, you have a great figure. I think some slim legged jeans - you can get in maternity. and a gorgeous wrapped top would be lovely.

    Check out catalogues online that have maternity sections - have a lovely section. And

    Remember that fitted clothes flatter a pregnant woman a lot more than loose clothing! if you have any doubts... take some pics and post them here. People will be honest. Or jsut ask a friend!!

    Im directing you to those sites cuz they have dresses for all occaisons!

  5. Heather: Thank you so much for being so sweet! I’m kind of obsessed with my new header. My blog really needed personality! If you saw me in person I bet you would think differently about me being the cutest pregnant woman. Hehehe I really appreciate the compliment though!

    Cb: I haven’t talked about my pregnancy a whole lot at all. With Aurora and everything else it my life it’s kind of been on the back burner until recently. Now that I’m REALLY pregnant I’m sure I’ll be talking about it a lot more. I’m excited to say we are having another little girl! We are still debating the name, we’ve got a lot of possible but we’re keeping them hush hush until she’s already here ^_^ (coconut cream is my best friend!)

    Heidi: Uh don’t even get me started on the actually trying on of clothes… so bad. Being pregnant just makes it so much worse! At least now I can saw I have an excuse for things not fitting right! I can’t believe you would ever have problems though, you’re adorable!

    Heart Hand Made (Claire): Thank you so much for the recommendations. I’m going to check them out for sure. I love Burdastyle and have gotten a lot of tips from their site. I have to remind myself that it’s okay to wear fitted clothes when I’m pregnant. Most of the time my husband calls my wardrobe “frump-tastic” and I’m trying to stay away from that as much as I can. Thank you!

  6. You're header is adorable and I'm certainly jealous that mine is just plain. But moving on, I agree, paying twenty five dollars for a dress is absolutely ridiculous and I've wanted to make my own clothes for soooo long, but have never been able to figure it out or had the time or had the money to make one. But I found from Rachel (talk2thetrees) she made a dress for about six dollars. And the dresses look awesome. I'm sure you'd be able to do this. Good luck!