Monday, May 9, 2011

art VS craft.

A little while ago I asked a question on my facebook and on my twitter.

artist VS crafter... what’s the difference?

“There are many kinds of Artists.” April Flourish Café

I got a rapid response to this question. Apparently it is a very hot topic in the “art” world. Some might say that art and craft are two very different worlds. Crafts are what Grandma makes and what kids do in Sunday school. I think that is far from the truth. Even as I studied Art History the art of “craft” making was a topic we studied.

“You can’t have good art without solid craft. Crafters are artists who make things for people who appreciate art in all forms.” – Danielle the merriweather council.

She is so right; to truly understand what they are creating a “crafter” has to understand all aspects of art. Crafting is just as visual as the highest level of art. Just because one person works with felt and another person works with paint doesn’t mean they don’t apply the same elements to what they are creating. Color, texture, and balance come into play with any type of art. A master cake decorator uses a lot of the same technical ideas that a sculptor might. It’s all the same.

“You can be whatever you want, they’re just labels.” – Roxanne The 60/40.

We can all argue till our fists are pumping and our faces turn blue but in the end, it’s just a label. Recently I’ve been struggling with my inner desire to be an “artist.” It’s like the dream everyone has of seeing their name up in lights. After posing this question and really digging deep I’ve come to the conclusion that I can call myself whatever I want. If one day I want to be a crafter, okay. The next day I’m feeling artsy, good for me. I might never make it into a college text book but who wants to be the reason some poor kid is going to have to stay up all night and write a paper about anyways? Not this lady!

The world is full of artists. Are you an artist or a crafter? Both?


  1. Roxanne is right. :) Categories are labels. it boils down to the masterpiece.

    Ps. Though i used the designation "Artist" in my portfolio because that is technically connected in my being a graduate from the College of Arts and based on my field of profession.

  2. Yay! Lovely post. :) I'm both! I think that Danielle's point that you can't really have one without the other is excellent. And thanks so much for including my little print! :D

  3. Seriously this is a tricky debate. I truly believe that an artist is someone who can take something {whether it be paint, felt, photography, or cotton balls} and make it into something all their own. I still debate on whether I am considered an artist or a crafter. I like crafting, but I also really enjoy painting, drawing and photography. Who knows! haha. Happy Mothers day btw. I hope you had a good one!