Friday, March 25, 2011

beach memories.

I love the beach. With spring upon us and the weather being so unbelievably beautiful around here it makes me long to see the ocean. When I was a kid we used to take a yearly trip to Ocean City, Maryland. Some of the few things that I remember from my childhood are those trips. I just loved be there. We stopped going on our vacations as I got older, because I was a very difficult teenager! Oops…


When I met Marc he was always up for new adventures and traveling somewhere. At one point we just got up one weekend and left to go to New York City because we wanted to see Rent on Broadway (AMAZING might I add.) On one of our adventures we took a drive to the Outer Banks. The drive is so beautiful and totally worth the three days we spent there. While we were there, however, we got burnt and burnt bad! When your mother tells you time and time again that it is important to wear sun screen please, listen to her! I will never forget walking around the local grocery store trying to find aloe as the pain slowly started to creep in. We could pull sheets of burnt skin off after awhile, Marc’s ankles started to puss and I still have scaring from it on my right shoulder (it doesn’t really tan.) Although painful it is a memory I will hold close forever. We can laugh about it now for sure.


Fast forward two years and we got to take a great trip back to the Outer Banks with Marc’s family. Aurora was only 5 months old and she loved being at the beach. She was also surprisingly good most of the car ride too. All seven of us stayed in beach house. I love his family so much and I am so glad to be able to call them family myself now.

My all time favorite family photo. I have no idea what we are laughing at, but it looks like a good time.

We love going to the Outer Banks so much that we decided to get married there. We got to travel back and plan the whole wedding. This trip leads to our brand new Jeep Commander almost being swallowed by the ocean, but that’s another story! I was so happy with our wedding. Everything was perfect. I just wish it could have lasted longer. Only our imamate family and closest friends attending, which made both of us a lot more calm about the whole thing, I wish we could all go back and do it again!

August 27, 2009

The wedding party (minus one flower girl, Aurora.) Marc's sister, Kaylyn, and his brother-in-law, Mark were our Maid of Honor and Best Man. I couldn't think of two more amazing people to stand by our sides on this important day. They've been so supportive of us all along. They are great parents too! New baby girl, Lily, is a lucky lady!

I'm really happy Aurora was there! Not every little girl can say they were in Mommy and Daddy's wedding!

I love this photo. There is nothing like a beautiful black and white wedding photo.

The whole crew. We were quick the bunch! I'm so happy everyone was there to share that time with us. The entire week was incredible!

I really hope we can make it back to the Outer Banks again. I've never been to any West Coast beachs and that is way closer then heading to North Carolina from Arizona! Our new little one has to experiance beach time too! It's like a childhood staple in my book!!!

Any plans for hitting the beach this year?


  1. This was so made me cry. I love the beach too. We had lots of fun in OBX for sure! We miss you a lot here. I know I probably shouldn't say it, but I wish you guys would come back to Pgh. I know how happy you are in AZ, though, and for that, I am happy.

  2. Can't wait to meet you at the Phoenix Blogger Meetup!!

  3. i can't wait to go to the beach next. I have no clue when I will be able too but hopefully soon<3 Beautiful wedding photos, that would be my dream wedding! That is really neat that Aurora was able to participate in your wedding too! I hope you have a good weekend!