Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Adventures in Craftiness: Spring DIY Round Up

Well, hello all! For the next few days I may not be around as much. I’m super excited about one of our good friends from Pittsburgh coming into town to visit us! Being able to hang out and talk to someone who is over the age of three years old all day is going to be great! Not to mention I missed her ^_^. So we will more than likely be gallivanting around the Phoenix area, due to this I probably won’t be posting all weekend, oops. I’m hoping to at least get my homework done (I probably should have done all of this in advance but I’m a slacker.) So, to keep you entertained while I’m gone I comprised a list of some spring type DIY tutorials from some of my favorite blogs. I’ve wanted to make these for quite some time but haven’t gotten the chance. If you get a chance to make any of these lovelies I’d love to see your creations! Hopefully that will give me some inspiration to make them myself.

First, lets start with the lovely Samantha at Argyle Owl.

I love this picture clothes line tutorial, it's adorable!


Someone (and I can't for the life of me remember who) posted this DIY link on twitter and it's so cute!

You can make your very own cloud modile at Crafted Love! I want to make one for Aurora's room, I think she's love it!


Since I'm in baby mode I love Maryam's cheap screenprinting tutorial at Pamplemousse!.

If I don't end up making one, I might just have to buy one from her lovely etsy shop.


When talking about great blogs, with great tutorials I have to bring up A Beautiful Mess. Viviana did a great blog tutorial that I've been wanting to make for months!

I think someone with even my poor sewing skills could handle this one and I've wanted to make a little plush dool! How cute are those owls?


Over at She Breathes Deeply, Elycia did a cute little fabric hair piece.

She has such darling designs at her Etsy Shop. It was so nice of her to share this one.


I love seeing quest blog posts, and I hope I get the chance to do it one day. Sunshine and Carousels featured Veronica of Crack the sky for a little Valentine's Day head band tutorial.

You can also check out some of Veronica's lovely head bands at her Etsy Shop!


One of the first blogs I ever stummbled across was Sweet Fancy by Fallon, the creator of Olive on Etsy. I just recently redicovered her DIY Wrapping Paper Wall Art that I have to give a try!

I love coming across things that you forgot about, it's like a whole new treasure!


If you are looking for a great blog with great tutorials you need to stop by Art as Usual. Everytime I turn around she has something new and creative to try. One of the first DIYs I saw on the blog was the Collaged Wire Bird Cage.

This little guys says spring to me for sure.


Well, that's all for now. If you have a spring inspired DIY you want to share let me know! I might just be doing a round two version. Have a great weekend everyone!

lots of love!


  1. Ooo lovely shares! I do the same thing too. I am constantly hoarding tons of crafting/building ideas into my favourites for future use. I've actually done a couple I'll be posting about soon.

    Love the plush birds and the bird in a cage so much! :D

    Thanks for sharing <3

  2. I absolutely love the owls!! A lot of really cool ideas! Thanks for sharing! I'm always looking for more projects =)