Friday, February 4, 2011

why i'm a fanson.

In 1997 three young guys came into the music scene, and most people thought they were girls, but I thought they were incredible. Seeing the video for MMMBop changed my life forever, yes I know that sounds crazy, but let me explain. I grew up in a very conservative Christian house hold, not that it was a bad thing, but music was scares, and aside from listening to the radio in the car on a very rare occasion all I had to listen to were three cassette tapes: Amy Grant, Phil Collins, and Mariah Carey. I must have listened to those tapes a million times. Now I don’t know how it happened but one day I ended up seeing my first music video. I must have been channel surfing or something, because MTV was defiantly not a TV station I frequented at that time. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Three kids my age, singing, and playing music! I think you could have knocked me over with a wet noodle. The rest is history really. I become completely obsessed with the trio. I had the posters lining my walls, I read everything I could about them, and I even started a website dedicated to them, yep, I was a fan girl.

Something else special happened at this time also, I discovered the music world. I gained respect for artists I had never heard of before, and I dreamed of being a musician myself. I would have to say if it wasn’t for Hanson I wouldn’t have wanted to make sing, and make music. Some of the most amazing things I’ve ever done have been because I got involved with music. I never would have gotten into the theater if I wouldn’t have been singing. I never would have written lyrics or songs, I don’t know what I would have been doing. Even though the music aspect has faded from my life, I’m still very grateful for it.

As the Hanson fad wore off my adoration for them never did. I was excited when each of their albums came out, one after another. I still followed their career even if they weren’t in the lime light. There was something about them. Their attitude towards their fans is always above and beyond. Even though I’ve always been too shy to talk to them, seeing them interact with other fans is always a very sweet experience.

I must say I admire them for many reasons; one of the biggest is because in 2003 they broke away from their record label and started their own company. 3CG records was established because their currently label was not understanding their vision. It was several years in the making, but with their current success and still insane following you can’t deny that they made the right decision. “The Walk” and their most recent album “Shout it Out” have been number one of the Indie Billboard Charts. They’ve toured all over the United States and just took a trip to Europe to try and launch “Shout it Out” outside the country.

Not only have they been successful in the music business, but they have started very successful charity work as well. With the release of “The Walk” album they started a campaign called “Take the Walk.” Before every concert they preformed they encouraged fans to take a one mile bare foot walk with them. The walk represents the struggles of men, women, and children in Africa suffer on a daily basis. After you finished walking you signed a card, and you are able to check off a charity of your picking to help those in Africa that can’t help themselves. For every person that walks, barefoot or not, Hanson donates one dollar to whatever charity you choose. Not only is it a good way to help people, it’s also pretty cool to get to walk with the band. Yes, Hanson actually comes out, and takes off their shoes and walks too.

Taylor Hanson in Afria working with TOMs shoes.

Walking barefoot through a not so good part of town can be very painful. This was my second walk and not only did I get a ancor implanted in my foot but I also run into a parked car, only me. I don't thing this photo does justice to what they realy looked like after that night.

But I wasn't alone, that's for sure. I think there were atleast 150 people that showed up that day.

I think you get the picture that I can’t get enough of these guys. I will continue to buy their CDs, go to concerts, and take walks as long as they are still doing them. They are passionate and talented individuals that I look up to with the deepest respect. I could go on about them for hours, but I’ll stop now and leave you with their most recent music video. It’s a throwback to the original Blues Brothers movie. I hope you enjoy:

For more information about Hanson go to or check out their twitter.


  1. Mmmbop! (only hanson related thing I knew to say) <3

  2. In seriousness, very cool about the 'Walk with the Band' thing. I love that they do that. My best friend in Jr. High was in love with Hanson and she still is.