Saturday, February 19, 2011

crafting with a kid: drink thermos

If there is one thing I really love doing with Aurora its crafting. Something that has helped us continue to create new things on a regular basis is the dollar store! I love the dollar store. I can walk into a dollar store with just a few ones in my pocket and I know that I will always find things to keep us entertained for hours! This last trip we scored! We got a fishing set, a cooking set to go with her tea set, bubbles, stamps, and two create your own thermoses.

I thought that it would be fun for Aurora and I to each make one for each other. It didn’t take up that much time or resources, just a few stickers, some crayons, and love.

They aren't very large cups, just perfect for a little girl

Just trace the inside sleeve. They even have little characters you can use to decorate with

My little artist.

She's very into drawing circles right now.

Aurora's before it went into the thermos.

My attempt at a wood pattern.

As always, the place is a wreck after we craft.

Finished Products. We're pretty proud. I had to chase Aurora down with hers so I could take a picture of it! ^_^

It’s the little things really. What have you been busy making?


  1. i love that you craft together! so sweet!

  2. So cute! I still have some of the crafts I made with my mom when I was a little girl - some of my favorite childhood memories. :)


  3. You are seriously such a creative mom! Your little girl and your little one (soon to be) are so lucky to have you as a mother! These thermos' are such a cute idea, and I love the pictures of Aurora drawing she is adorable!