Sunday, January 23, 2011

My husband is nesting.

About two weeks ago Marc did what a lot of people thought he would never do; he sold his truck. His beloved 2004 Red Dodge Ram 4x4 now has a new loving owner. This relationship lasted for six years and his truck saw him through a lot. Unfortunately it was unrealistic for us to bring it to Phoenix with us, so it stayed in Pittsburgh. I’m very proud of his decision to sell his baby to someone who really needed a truck. For a while he went through the five stages of grief, and almost bought another truck. We came to the discussion to wait until we could really buy something worth it, something big, beefy, and manly.

I think my lovely photography work really helped it sell ^.^. Well, that and it's an awesome truck.

So, Marc moved on to something else, the living room. I am completely thrilled with the fact that he decided the best thing we could do was buy some furniture for our bare living room. Before he started his nesting period all we had was a recliner, that was completely chewed by the dog, an end table, and the TV and TV stand. Now, we have a couch, a love seat, a coffee table, two end table, two lamps, AND a 50 inch flat screen TV. The TV will soon have a new home in a beautiful entertainment center. We got an amazing deal on the furniture at The Room Store here in Phoenix, and the TV was practically free with the deal. We’re fancy now!!!!

This photo doesn't do it justice, I'll update with a better one later. I'm just so proud. Who knew I could get so excited over furniture!

Needless to say, Marc can nest anytime he wants to. Maybe a new kitchen table will be next!

Happy Sunday anyone!

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