Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wordy on Wednesday: Three

Well, my day got off to a little bit of a late start today. I meant to post my Wordy on Wednesday much early but things do happen, like sleeping in, Oops.

This week I was inspired by one of my favorite songs; “My Own Sweet Time” by Hanson. I know, Hanson, right? I’m very proud of the fact that they have been and always will be my favorite band! Why? Well, let’s save that explanation for another day.

"Tell me where I begin
You can't deny what's already been
I won't break but I can bend
Shaping the scars that I can't mend
Feel your fingers around my throat
There's nothing but bones beneath my skin
Somebody break my fall
I'm slipping down all over again

I'd do it all over
Taking my own sweet time
I may make it slower
But I'm taking my own sweet time
I'm taking my own sweet..."

- Hanson

On that note... Happy Trails!

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