Thursday, November 11, 2010

“Robin Hood is like Batman.”

Last night after finishing my final projected for my Digital Image Management class I sat down in the living room with my husband to enjoy the remaining piece of the new Robin Hood movie he was watching. What makes us so obsessed with the Robin Hood story? Is it the good versus the evil? Taking back what’s rightfully the “little mans”? Who do we truly identify with in this story? Do we wish that there was a hero like Robin Hood that would come save us all? Receiving the new Russell Crowe version of this story got me thinking about all the different Robin Hood legends that have been told through the years.

The first version that popped into my mind is one of my all time favorite movies, I mean, who doesn’t love Mel Brooks?

I think “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” was probably the start of my sense of humor. You’ve got everything in this movie I love, a little dark humor, quirky characters, romance, singing, and a sprinkle of slap stick. Even though the story isn’t very “realistic” if you’re looking for a really good laugh watch this movie! And after you’re done watching this one, watch “Princess Bride.” If you haven’t seen them then you are seriously missing out of classics comedies. I wish they would make more movies like these.

Okay, moving on in our journey brings us way back to my childhood. Disney’s Robin Hood! If you love Disney and foxes this is great! I recommend it to kids of all ages to watch. I think I played this VHS so many times as a kid I broke it and we had to get another one. It’s classic Disney, although I love the new animation, these just something about these characters that I love. They’re always coming out with new Princess stuff they need more things like this in the Disney world.

Next stop is a movie I don’t think I’ve actually watched myself but of course it’s a “classic” so I had to mention it. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves starring Kevin Costner, most people don’t have a whole lot of great things to say about it. I can’t say for myself yet but I’m going to have to watch it and see what it’s all about. Anyone out there have any insight on this possible diamond in the rough?

Another Robin Hood that I’m going to have to check out is the BBCs take on the story of Robin Hood. It’s a new kind of twist on the story were Robin Hood has seen so much killing while he was fighting in the Holy Land that he won’t kill anyone. It seems like an intriguing tale that might be worth a look.

Our last stop on our voyage through Robin Hood movies brings us back to the start of this entire blog entry. I’m not the biggest Russell Crowe fan in the world but I did enjoy him in this movie. It is also a slightly different look at the famed “Robin Hood.” It’s kind of a prequel to his story. Robin is fighting in the Holy Land and stubbles upon the dyeing Robert of Locksley who asked Robin to take his sword back to his family. There Robin poses as Robert and thus our tale begins. I really enjoyed the characters in this movie. I think the Maid Marion character is my favorite out of all the tales I’ve seen. Kind John is an interesting character as well. He is defiantly a tyrant but a virgin to so many things in the world he lives in, which makes things very interesting. It has the same kind of feel as “Brave Heart” but with a different tale. If you like action movies and love Robin Hood I think it’s a good choice.

What is your favorite Robin Hood story? I would love to hear about it!

I will leave you with this, just because. I love Wishbone and who can resist a dog in a hat?

Happy Trails!

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  1. The disney version is my absolute favorite!!! I love the way the King laughs, it seriously cracks me up. "Ahh hahhhh, ahhhh hahhhh" ---thats my best impersonation.

    I got a little off topic there, sorry. I have only seen the Robin Hood prince of thieves movie, it was always one of my oldest sisters favorites. I need to see the new one!