Monday, October 4, 2010

Adventures in Craftiness

Hello all!

I’m excited about this post! This is my first attempt and a mini tutorial. I worked really hard recently on a yarn wreath that I love and I took pictures of the process I went through. I wanted some kind of decoration for Halloween and I didn’t want to go out and buy a whole bunch of stuff so I dug through my craft boxes and came up with something very fun and crafty!

What I used:
1 foam floral wreath (I found mine at the dollar store)
Warn (any color, mine was a mix of white and black)
Glue (I used E600 industrial glue but hot glue could work too)
Straight Pins (the kind used for sewing)

Ribbon, Buttons, Faux Flowers, Jewels, trinkets, whatever you have laying around.

Step one:
I diligently wrapped warn around the foam wreath making sure it was very tight and stayed secure. I used both the white and the black at the same time to give it a meshed look. You can use only on color or different colors for your desired look.

Step Two:

I began by wrapping a sheer ribbon around my wreath for added detail. I also started placing flowers and moving them around to see where I would want to place them. I used straight pins because of the round form of the wreath they tend to fall off and I wanted to see the overall look.

Step Three:

After rearranging several times I decided to add some buttons to the mix. I also took apart the flowers and places jeweled buttons in the middle to give it some sparkle. After I got the exact look I was going for I used my E600 industrial glue and picked up each piece and adhered it to the yarn wreath. I then added a loop at the top for hanging that is secured by glue and a straight pin.


After everything was completed I let my pieces dry and then hung it outside! VA LA! Beatuiful no?

Not interested in making your own yarn wreath? Just ask me and I’ll come up with a custom wreath just for you! Also, here are some great places to buy your very own for the holidays!

Agnes is AMAZING! When I saw her featured artist aritcale on etsy I could not believe how good her work is! She would be my #1 choice for décor for sure! Visit her etsy shop: KnockKnocking

Okay, I love Jody’s work, she has a great blog and a great etsy shop! If you get lucky she can have some great yarn wreaths like the one in the photo above for sale in her store now! Visit her shop: thelittleprints

Some other great wreath shops:

Itz Fitz


Goodie True Shoes

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